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Cuddly cat - new photos added!

11 months ago   Pets & Mascots   Brighton   101 views Reference: 3075

Location: Brighton

Price: 60 £

Biscuit has been trained to sit at the dinner table in a chair next to you and pat the table when he wants food, and is an absolute cuddling beast! Every morning he will wake up with you and rub his head against yours, purring the whole while, and at night when it's not too hot he will always cuddle up under the blanket so you can spoon him or he'll be under your arm. He never gets offended, so you can move him wherever you want if you do it gently and he settles right back down. He'll also pat your legs with his paws when he wants you to pick him up; he loves being held in one arm as you cook!

Biscuit is a grazer, which means you can leave food out all day and he'll only ever eat what he needs, but he is also happy with being fed once a day instead. He is 100% best suited as an indoor cat and much prefers it, but appreciated being let out once in a while.

My roommate left and abandoned this cat with me, but my older cat can't stand how cuddly and affectionate he is so I need a new home ASAP!
Biscuit does have a medical condition where he will sneeze a few times a day, because my roommate didn't get him vaccinated then the poor guy got cat flu :( The vet said that there was probably more they could do for him to help this, but I don't have the time or money for it right now. I'll happily ask his vet to pass on his information to you if you'd like!

Please text or email me for any questions, and I'm open to negotiate on the price :)