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Cupping Medic - health/massage/detox/hijama/hijamah/cupping

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Location: Ilfracombe

Price: 140 £

Cupping Medic for Mobile Visits to your home

What is Hijamah Wet Cupping?

The therapy is a excretory procedure characterised by placing oxygen evacuated cups on different anatomical points on the body, causing adhesion.
Air evacuated cups cause the skin to rise and allows for blood volume in that particular region to increase.
The pulling makes way for causative pathological substances to be stirred and brought to the surface of the skin (refer to images)
The cups are then taken off and small incisions are then made onto the skin before applying the cups again.
The application of the cups, this time with small incisions on the skin, draws out waste material such as ghost cells, toxins and other disease causing substances that have been filtered through skin capillaries.

Furthermore, with taking out waste materials from the body, the treatment of Hijamah Wet Cupping activates the immune system by activating the work of lymphocytes (white blood cells) who are behind the process of healing the incisions made on the skin, hence the immune system becomes stronger.

Who am i

I am a qualified Hijamah Cupping Therapist having achieved a level 5 Diploma at distinction in the ancient treatment of Wet Cupping.

What can it treat?

Herodotus listed wet and dry cupping as a treatment for many ailments including maldigestion, lack of appetite, and headaches. Hippocrates advocated cupping for gynecological complaints, back, and extremity illnesses, pharyngitis, lung diseases, and ear ailments
In the 2nd century AD, Aretaeus treated prolapse of the uterus, cholera, epilepsy, and ileus with wet cupping
The therapy has the scope of placing cups in different anatomical points on the body which relate to different functions of the systems in the body. This leverage allows the practitioner scope in treating different ailments which have been documented therapy focused books. A lot of the points associated with different ailments, can be traced to acupuncture points which has a solid documented history.
To emphasise this point, kidney problems, cups would be placed behind the kidneys. Fertility or impotence problems, the front surface point on the hips would be used. Migraine , strengthening of the brain or ailments associated with vertigo, the head points would be used.

Services and Prices

All services are provided on a mobile basis were i will travel to you. Service prices have incorporated, travel time/effort/expenses, one time use of disposable cups/equipment.

Standard Service 1, 20 points, £140, 2hrs.

Appointments are taken in advance to be scheduled in the full moon phase of every lunar calendar month. This is the most optimum time of the month to undergo treatment

Please call to inquire with your symptoms as to find out whether the treatment can help you or your family members.

Thank you
Shahien, Chp